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I have been a patient of Jefferson Headache and Spine and Dr. Khurana for last eight years . I had suffered years and after seeing several other doctors, I was referred to this practice for neurological problems.  Dr. Khurana was very caring and as I saw him  he diagnosed me  correctly on the first visit.  I have been really satisfied with the diagnosis and treatment received. The office staff is very caring , professional and friendly and I feel very close to the staff. It is  easy to schedule appointments . Due to my great experience in this practice, I advised my husband  to seek treatment under Dr. Khurana for motor cycle accident and arm paralysis from brachial plexus injury. My mother has been seeing Dr. Khurana  and  receiving treatment for cervical spine disease and headaches.


I have seen Dr. Khurana for several years. Dr. Khurana and his staff  Erica, Candace and Leann are all very considerate and concerned for their patients. I have many health problems and they have always been caring,professional and very helpful with all my health problems. I have been treated very well  and  I will definitely recommend this practice  to anyone needing Neurologist and Pain Physician.


The staff is pleasant and professional. Dr. Khurana has been great and  a tremendous help with all my aches and pains. He is very caring professional who can help you out in more ways than one. Appointment scheduling has been quiet easy and I have had a great experience with my care and treatment in the practice.




I have been coming to Dr. Khurana for years and he always listens to his patients and shares his concerns . The doctor and staff are all very nice, pleasant and caring. That is the reason I have stayed around in this practice. I am completely satisfied.


Top notch care and attitude . Everyone is pleasant and very caring. Completely satisfied.


I have been seeing Dr. Khurana for five years. The staff and doctor have been very caring, pleasant and professional. I love them all. They have helped me in  more ways than one and I would not be here today if it was not for them. They saved my life , literally.


I have been impressed with the quality of the doctor and staff. They are all very caring , pleasant and professional. Appointments have been very easy and convenient . I could not imagine going somewhere else.



I have been seeing Dr. Khurana for several years. Everyone in practice is very caring , pleasant and professional. Great experience with staff and doctor during all my visits.


I have seen Dr. Khurana for years. Staff is very professional and friendly  and Dr. Khurana is exceptional physician. It has been very easy to set up appointments and I have enjoyed receiving care at this practice.

Tam Tam

Over last two years I have received care in this practice . Dr. Khurana and his staff are caring and professional. I have enjoyed my visits to the office I feel happy and  satisfied  with my diagnosis, treatment and caring attitude of everyone here.



I have been a patient here for over 15 years . Everyone is   caring and pleasant. This office is very personal and they go out of their way to ensure all of your medical needs  even personal needs are taken care of.


Very lovely people . Very understanding of my needs . They actually listen to my problems and gave me all the time I needed. They are all very pleasant and professional . Overall, I have felt the best since I started coming here.

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