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Learn about your Headache Triggers!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Every day we have millions suffering from chronic headaches . Migraines , rebound, tension and sinus headaches are the most common headaches seen in clinics across the country. Identifying your triggers and underlying causes will go a long way in helping you live your life free of headaches.

Migraines are common among women and frequent causes involve hormones, diet and other complex neurogenic factors.

Rebound headaches generally result from overuse of analgesics leading to recurrent withdrawal and rebound phenomenon.

Tension headaches are frequently caused by increased muscle tension, cervical spine, neck support , sleep problems and increased stress and emotional issues.

Sinus, TMJ and post traumatic headaches are results of these underlying conditions and must be managed based on the cause.

We hope you can learn about your headache triggers and call us for individualized evaluation and treatment options.

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